Extended Professional Vita

Gerald is the Chief Information Security Officer/Vice President for LogMeIn responsible for the overall security, compliance, and technical privacy of LogMeIn’s products and corporate assets. 

Prior to this position, Gerald was the Chief Security Officer for Demandware and accountable for leading the development, implementation, and management of the corporate information security governance and management framework. He was responsible for the security posture of the entire corporation and lead the technical compliance and privacy efforts. In this role he was the Data Protection Officer for the Demandware GmbH, a German subentry. 

Before,  Gerald was a Principal Software Systems Engineer at MITRE. He focused on cyber security, advanced web services, and identity management technology and their application in the context of complex government programs. He was the chief information security architect for the US Air Force Air Operation Center (AOC) Modernization program, focusing on the development and implementation of the overall information assurance, including security engineering, configuration management, and certification and accreditation.

He also supported modernizing health IT, especially within the S&I Framework initiative of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC). Gerald is one of the original authors of the hData specifications at HL7 and the OMG. He has been focusing on improving interoperability and efficiency of data exchanges in highly distributed computing environments, using service orientation principles and RESTful architectural approaches. In this role he is was also actively engaged with the identity and privacy management communities.

In his former role as a Web Services Architect in the Chief Technologist’s Office of Sun Microsystems from 2005 through 2009 he was working on the development of new Microsoft interoperability technologies across Sun’s software product portfolio, with a special focus on service interoperability and identity. In this role Gerald has successfully lead a number of high-profile internal and external projects and significantly influenced Sun’s strategy. In this role Gerald is responsible for defining Sun’s general web strategy and coordinate its execution with the responsible business units and external partners. He has served as a catalyst for successful web services projects, identity management solutions, and cross-organizational development programs, and his technical skills are complimented by high-caliber general management qualifications and proven facilitation and collaboration skills. By working closely with the internal and external stakeholders he has initiated and executed a number of successful technology and standards cooperation programs, including co-developments with the distributed systems and privacy groups at Microsoft, CA, and other technology leaders. Through these efforts Sun has solidified its position as a preferred partner and technology leader in interoperating with Microsoft’s Windows Communication Foundation services and Windows CardSpace.

Until 2005, Gerald was a Staff Engineer in Sun’s Competitive Strategy Group. He joined the group in 2000. Since then he has worked on operating systems, middleware software including Java and .NET, and security, specifically in Microsoft product-related areas. In this role he lead the interoperability research efforts on Microsoft platform and application interoperability, providing essential information to Sun’s legal department and the executive management group.

From 1997 to 2000 Gerald worked for Sun Microsystems Deutschland (Germany) as a Senior Systems Engineer leading the architecture and orchestrating of technical support for large sales projects. He lead projects with GM Europe, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Flugsicherung, Lufthansa, and other large companies in manufacturing, aviation, and finance.

Before joining Sun, Gerald was the lead network architect and system administrator in ITP and IGM, Cologne, Germany, and a freelance writer for two major German computer periodicals.

Gerald has delivered many successful presentations at major industry conferences, including Gartner Summits, JavaOne, Microsoft TechEd, Microsoft PDC, and the XML Conference. He submitted various invention disclosures to the Sun Patent Office and contributed to numerous field and engineering education summits. He also authored and co-authored various competitive white papers on Active Directory and other identity management solutions.

Gerald is the recipient of numerous awards, including the 2011 MITRE Program Recognition Award of Distinction for his work on “Enabling Healthcare Transformation”, sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). In 2005  he received the Sun Microsystems Chairman’s Award for Innovation.

He holds a Master of Science/Diplom in Theoretical Physics in 1997 from the Universität zu Köln (Cologne University, Germany). Gerald is also serving as a voluntary member of the Information Systems Advisory Board for the Town of Burlington, MA and is an elected member of Burlington’s Town Meeting.