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Awards & Recognition

seal_of_the_us_air_force-svg USAF AFLCMC Logo 300pxFrom a Letter of Appreciation sent from the Chief of the AOC WS Branch to MITRE, recognizing my contributions to managing the Information Assurance section for the AOC WS 10.2 program:

[…] In his role as chief security architect [Gerald Beuchelt] oversaw the AOC WS Modernization security engineering and information security program to include close oversight of the security engineering staff from the Modernization Contractor. Over the course of this year Gerald’s expertise and persistent efforts to security engineer the AOC modernized capability were evident as he skillfully steered the Modernization Contractor to ‘get back on track’ after a slow start. With support form his team, Gerald identified and resolved several critical security engineering issues. He led the way in defining solutions to an array of security requirements to include access management, cyber protection, scalability, and performance. Gerald did a superb job in identifying program threats, risks, and applying countermeasures to the AOC WS Modernization design. […]


For my contribution to MITRE’s technology portfolio and the overall research and modernization efforts I received the Technical Leadership Award 2012:

Gerald Beuchelt is recognized for his technical leadership as the driving force behind the establishment of MITRE’s hData as the means to simplify the exchange of information across Electronic Health Record systems. The hData approach of creatively using mainstream, lightweight world-wide web technologies brings a host of advantages, including proven scalability, a rich tool ecosystem, rapid implementation, and a large community of developers. Your contributions to hData and your leadership of MITRE’s engagement with the Health Level Seven® International (HL7) and the Object Management Group (OMG) were key to the community adoption of two specifications: the hData Record Format and the hData RESTful Transport, described in the press as representing “a scalable electronic method for exchanging patient health information (such as electronic health records, ‘EHR’ and mobile health, ‘mHealth’) among patients, doctors, hospitals, and clinics.” The hData concepts and standards have positioned MITRE as a technically innovative, productive partner with the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) in the Department of Health and Human Services. ONC is now funding an hData-based pilot, combining healthcare providers from the Army, VA, and civilian domains. Your technical leadership directly enabled this outcome.

ONC Logo

For my work in support of the Office of the National Coordinator for Healthcare, I received MITRE’s Program Award of Recognition for “Enabling Healthcare Transformation”:

“MITRE’s ability to combine technical expertise with an independent perspective makes us a trusted partner across the public and private sectors. That trust is vital in our mission to help transform the nation’s healthcare system through the secure use and sharing of information.
A series of MITRE projects, representing sponsor and research initiatives, support this mission by presenting health IT solutions to address specific challenges.
These projects advance the strategic goals of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT.
[…] hData is a new health data standard that simplifies health information exchange across entities. hData is currently on the fast track to be accredited by an international standards organization.
Together, these MITRE initiatives are transforming the healthcare data landscape.”

Sun LogoIn 2005 I was co-recipient for the Sun Chairman’s Award for Innovation, honoring the work on supporting Sun’s legal proceedings vs. Microsoft in the U.S. and the European Union. From the lauda:

“Operating under the twin constraints of looking for something after the fact and trying to find answers without arousing suspicion, the ISG team successfully operated under both industry and Sun’s radar for 5 years to support Sun’s interoperability and legal efforts. The team […] uncovered numerous .NET infringements on Sun patents. The research led to the creation of over 100,000 pages of legal documentation and case material, which was used by the European Commission, the US Dept. of Justice and Sun’s legal team.”

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My educational background is not software or computer science, but mathematical
physics. I graduated from Ludwigs-Maximilans-Universität in München (Munich) and completed my Diplom (Master of Science) at the Albertus-Magnus-Universität zu Köln (Cologne).

Additional Course Work and Programs

Stanford Center for Professional Development

I have taken a class for a NDO professional certificate program in Management Science and Engineering (MS&E) with the Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD).

Sun Excellence in Engineering Development (SEED)

At Sun, the SEED programs aims at enabling advanced engineers to enhance their professional and personal skills. Participation is very limited (typically < 40 per term). Each participant is working with a mentor.

I participated in the 2003/2004 term as participant, and between 2005 and 2009 four times as a mentor.


Information Security

I am certified as (ISC)2 CISSP and ISSAP, License Number 421270.


For some time, I was pursuing Microsoft certifications. This is my current transcript. If you are interested, I can supply you with an official transcript sharing code

Certification Version Date Achieved
Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator: Messaging  Microsoft Windows 2000 Sep 05, 2003
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer  Microsoft Windows 2000 Apr 24, 2002
Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator  Microsoft Windows 2000 Apr 12, 2002
Microsoft Certified Professional  Microsoft Windows 2000 Mar 15, 2001