Last Night’s BOF

This was definitively fun. Although the turnout was not very high (hey, what do you expect at 9:30 on the day *before* the actual conference with 3 days of notice to the audience), we had a few really good an interesting discussions:

We talk a lot about interoperability through web services, in particular on WS-Adressing in JWSDP, WS-Security, Attachments (yes, MTOM is on the right way) and reliable messaging. Simon Guest talked about his efforts to get secure WS-RM interoperable and gave some insight into the current mindset at Microsoft (“It’s all about implementation right now.”)

Michael Preadovic of Intrinsync talked about their interoperability story, which allows Java containers to talk to .NET Remoting systems and also .NET systems to speak RMI. He also noted that their IIOP for .NET implementation get a lot of customer attention.


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