Longhorn Server woes …

Longhorn Server is a strange beast:

  • I was just starting to play with AD on Longhorn server (PDC, Build 5219) and wanted to startup my favorite AD tool, ntdsutil.exe to poke around in the AD settings .. it’s gone (so far).

  • The install directory would have been a nice place to look for the compressed version, right? Wrong: seems like the most of LH Server install sources is now contained in a 1GB .WIM file … anybody knows how to open that up?

  • Unless I am totally off, there is no IPv6 stack.

  • What happend to the Castle Service in the early LH client builds?

  • There is a new NGEN service that seems to auto-compile .NET assemblies to native code. Interesting, particularly since Don Box and Chris Sells explained  that this is not necessarily the best of all ideas, since:

    • In-memory size of the native assemblies is significantly bigger, leading to bloated applications,

    • Changes in the contract are identified through the MVID – as such, a re-compilation might be necessary.

Looks like there are a lot of changes …

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