Fast Infoset Session at Sun Open House and Microsoft TechEd

So, I am deep in FIFI right now. There will be two presentations on the project in the next couple of weeks:

SunLabs Open House 2006
June 1-2, 2006, Sun Menlo Park Campus, Bldg. 16
Track: 6
Room: 1281
Title: Project FIFI
Abstract: Fast Infoset is a ITU-T/ISO standard for effricient XML encoding. It is
available for Java through the JWSDP and the Java.Net open source
project. FIFI provides an implementation on Microsoft’s .NET platform.
Time: June 1, 2:30-3:00pm PST

Microsoft TechEd 2006
June 11-16, 2006, Boston Convention Center
Track: Connected Systems
Code: CON-TLC307
Title: Enterprise WebServices interoperability between .Net and Java using WCF and Sun’s GlassFish
Abstract: Web Services matured to address enterprise needs.
Interoperability between Java and .Net on Secure, Reliable and Binary messaging is a reality. Come and see .Net and Java interoperating in a real world enterprise scenario using Microsoft’s Windows Communication Foundation and Sun’s GlassFish web services stacks
Time: Breakout 13, CON Theatre 2; Wed, 14 Jun, 2:00 – 3:15 (Eastern)

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