McCurry on Net Neutrality

Seldom have I seen somebody less honest than Mike McCurry: His claim that the discussion around Net Neutrality is ‘left’ vs. ‘center’ and/or corporation bashing could not be much further from the truth. As many have already pointed out, Net Neutrality is about enabling markets and even more so, limiting the power that a fairly small oligolpoly (in some more rural areas even monopoly) has.

The barrier for entry into the high-speed internet provider market is quite high (next to getting your backbone going, you need to reach out to your customers, which you only really can if you get into some contractual relationship with the very few owners of the ‘last mile’). If people like McCurry actually pretend that there is something like market dynamics (let alone be a free one) playing here they are either (i) dellusional or (ii) liers.

If there was real competition and the chance for new competitors to actually enter the market, I would be in full support of letting the market play it out. But this is simply not the case.

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