Windows Mobile 5.0 on my Cingular 2125

Since last Thursday, I am a happy owner of a Cingular 2125 (HTC Farady) with Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone Edition. I have to admit that since my first step with Windows CE (Pocket PC 2002 on an iPaq 3850) they have made some great improvements. Networking is MUCH easier now, and with the EDGE capabilities I get easily about 100+ kbps in my area. This is good enough to listen to a stereo audio stream, which means that I can now listen to my favorite radio stations from Germany (DLF) whereever I am.

Another great feature is the VPN capabilities of the phone itself. Really useful though is the Bluefire Security VPN client that allows me to dial into my corporate network using a SecurID card.

The next steps will – obviously – to start dabbeling with the Mobile 5.0 SDK and the Mobile extensions for NetBeans.

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