Taking a few days off

As you might know, Sun is shutting down their operations during the 4th of July week, so my bloggin will be fairly light over the next couple of days. A few thinks that I intend to spend some thoughts on over this break include:

  • Is user-centric identity – as implemented by CardSpace – truly useful for interoperable and privacy-encouraging identity? The obvious interoperability limitation is the somewhat artificial restriction of WCS to WS-Trust. But I think there are other problems with WCS as well: will it be “just another box we have to click away”? If identity information about a user can be transmitted with a single click (by releasing an InfoCard), users might get lured into giving away personal information more easily, effectively having a negative impact on privacy. A good example is the AutoFill function of the Google toolbar: since I am using it, I am a lot less careful about giving away PII – when I still had to enter everything by hand, I was always thinking twice about releasing information.

  • How can a CardSpace-like model play well with REST/POX web services? The whole question of lightweight identity enabled web services and application is still quite open.

  • Will Germany make it to the Finals? THAT question will be answered on July 4.

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