Vista RC1 and Windows Update from behind a Proxy (Error 8024402C)

I just installed Windows Vista RC1 (Build 5600) and had some serious problems getting Windows Update to work from behind my proxy server. The error I got was 8024402C, along with the recommendation to try the Automatic Proxy configuration. Needless to say that this did not work …

Here is how to get rolling with this issue:

1. Get the WinHTTP system proxy settings right

When configuring IE in Vista, you DO NOT configure the system HTTP proxy settings. In former versions of Windows you would use the proxycfg.exe command for doing this. In Vista, you will have to use the netsh.exe. (Does anybody know of a UI way to do this?) Do this:

netsh> winhttp

netsh winhttp> set proxy

You have to do this in a CMD.EXE windows with administrative privileges (right click CMD.EXE in Accessories and select ‘Run as Administrator’).

2. Delete old setting for Windows update

– Stop the Windows Update service (e.g. through the Services MMC plug-in or through net stop wuauserv).

– Delete C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution (again, with administrator privileges)

– Start the Windows Update service

It should work now.

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