For completeness sake: My OSIS-General Mail to Mike on OSP

Here is my mail to Mike Jones on the OSP:

Hello Mike - 

First of all this is most excellent news - and I am looking forward to
seeing those protocols being implemented by a large number of market

However, I do have a few questions that you might be able to clarify:

1. For the purposes of OSIS, there are some components in the WCS that
do no seem to be covered, in particular the InfoCard specifications,
including schema and the visual components for the card selector UI.
Will this be covered by a separate covenant?

2. Also, the language of the OSP mentions that only Necessary Claims,
i.e. those REQUIRED in the specs are covered. What about OPTIONAL, etc.
portions of the specs?

Thanks a lot,

Gerald Beuchelt

At this point I would like to thank Mike and also Kim for their work on getting the WS-* protocolsl into the OSP and – hopefully – all the other specifications that will follow 😉

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