Long Time – No Blog

After some extended time without any new entries, I am back. Besides being insanely busy with all kinds of work for the last couple of weeks, I am going through a somewhat stressful personal time: a close family member is going through liver cancer and it is not yet clear what is going to happen. In such times it is really reassuring to have colleagues that are quite understanding, so thanks to all of you.

On more technical side, I have been playing a lot with the (now released) Windows Communication Foundation.. congratulations to the entire Indigo team for delivering the product. Also, Windows CardSpace is occupying a lot of my time and last, but not least, there is the ASP.NET AJAX Beta 1 which came out recently, along with the production release of NetBeans 5.5, the official start of the Interop Vendor Alliance, open sourcing Java … and so on.

I hope to be able to put down a few interesting things in the next couple of days – however, tomorrow and on Friday I will attend the Higgins face to face meeting in Cambridge, MA.

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