CoreCLR, Silverlight and more

Here is a nice short article by Scott Hanselman on what is currently happening in .NET land – especially at MIX07. I find his graphic on the evolution of the various .NET technologies quite interesting and helpful. A couple of interesting take aways and comments:

– Silverlight 1.1 alpha, along with the “CoreCLR” will be interesting to disect. According to Scott, there is nothing “micro or tiny” about this runtime, only sane refactoring. That might be so, but the Base Class Library amounts to somthing of a Micro/Mobile edition …?!

– The Dynamic Language Runtime is interesting – but I am not quite so optimistic to believe that the Microsoft Permissve License will really win the “hearts and minds” of the hardcore open source community…

– The JavaScript/CLR (in process?) integration sound *really* interesting.

Ultimately, the success of Silverlight and the CoreCLR program will probably depends on platform support. And as Sun has learned very painfully, sufficent platform support can only be achieved with truely open source software.

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