Going Green: Sun in the German Press

Here is a short little article by the German news magazine DER SPIEGEL on green datacenters. Interestingly enough, one of the biggest German hosting companies (1&1) has decided to go with the SunFire systems with the Niagara processor (8 core SPARC). Econony and ecology go hand in had into the mainstream…

One thought

  1. The DER SPIEGEL article is about the second biggest hosting service (Strato) in Germany going green in early 2008. They will power their data centers in Berlin and Karlsruhe with renewable energies, although with old hydro power plants. It is not about its competitor (1&1) which is the biggest bulk hosting service. This was just a comparison.

    ecologee.net has a list of all known web hosting services using renewables worldwide.
    –> http://www.ecologee.net/pmwiki.php/Endanwender/%dcbersichtDer%d6ko-ISPs

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