Update on Solaris iSCSI target: Stress Test

Just to satisfy myself that the Solaris 10 U4 iSCSI target is working well, I fired up a few file system stress test processes to see if the Solaris machine (and the iSCSI initiator) hold up.

For the test itself, I took an old but reasonably reliable SQL Server hard drive test (can be downloaded e.g. from here). I took the default parameters with medium workload (100MB files), especially since my test drive was a virtual machine on my laptop. Write caching was off. The purpose of this test was not to create a performance evaluation or a real stress test, but much more a proof-of-concept that the two systems would work together.

Here is the final result:

The next step would be a full stress test, preferably with at least 3 or 4 high-powered drivers. That might take some time, though. Meanwhile: happy SAN building.

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