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Paul Trevithick just announced that Higgins will start developing a SAML 2.0 compliant card selector, that will – in addition to Windows CardSpace compatible i-cards – support SAML 2.0 compatible “s-cards”[1]. This will be quite interesting to follow, in particular if Higgins really supports the SAML 2.0 protocol (not only the token format). In that case it would really step up to be part of the identity meta system (actually: the Aleph 0 Identity System ).

PS: Welcome in the blogosphere, Paul!

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[1] Paul Madsen made some interesting remarks about that name…

2 thoughts

  1. given the text of Paul’s announcement (e.g. adding support for a SAML IdP), it would seem that it is SAML protocol support being added – SAML token support already in there presumably


  2. That is my understanding. Nevertheless, I think we should emphasize that the SAML (and potentially ID-*) protocol support is necessary to move to the next level.


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