Greetings from Hawaii

So, the long family vacation has been on for over 2 weeks, and it really feels good to unwind a little. We started on Big Island, went on to Kauai (where I got – after 28 years of planning on doing this – my diving certification with KAS[1]), and are now on O’ahu. The differences between these islands never cease to amaze me. Here are a few pictures that we have put up so far:

Snow and Telescopes on Mauna Kea

The evening view from our balcony on Hawai’i

Sunset on Kaua’i on Turkey Day

Waimea River Canyon

[1] My experience with KAS was really superb. I had Damion McGinley as my instructor – he was fun and relaxed, but still made me go through alll the drills over and over again. One of the best things was that he knew the area and the aquatic wildlife quite well, so I got to see many critters and turtles.

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