Deep Diving

Not about SCUBA this time: we are right now visting in Redmond so we can test our implementation of a Windows CardSpace compatible IdP against Microsoft’s implementation. Eventually, we will (hopefully) make this code available to the OpenSSO community through an OpenSSO Extension.

At the core of the integration, we (Paul, Jiandong,Mrudul, and I) have integrated the Metro/WSIT WS-Trust STS into OpenFM and created a simple cardfactory to produce CRD files (a big thank you to Chuck from here for letting us use some of his Openinfocard code). While we are not quite done as of yet, we have made some very significant progress towards full interoperability while supporting the username/password token, as well as X.509 client authentication.

Overall, this project has already helped quite a bit to improve interoperability between the underlying technologies (i.e. WSIT and the subset of WCF that is being used by CardSpace) and I expect that we will be pretty much done with the core code base in the RSA 2008 time frame.

Many thanks from here go to Mike Jones, Nigel Watling and the entire Microsoft CardSpace team.

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