Somewhat off-topic: Valueing analysts

This is a happy Friday afternoon rant.

I am still following the headlines for Sun (as long as that is still possible), and today I found some interesting headline: “Oracle Should Spin/Sell Sun Hardware Unit, Analyst Says“. Well, interesting enough, I open the article, expecting some deep insight into what is going on. Unfortunately, the full report was not available, but the blog did mention the $23 dollar target set by the analyst, and that he would not know who might be interested in buying the Sun hardware business from Oracle.

Wow, impressive. Unless there is a lot of interesting detail in that research report (which is not available on AmTech’s website), this is completely trivial: yeah, Oracle holding on to Sun’s hardware business seems illogical from the outside. Good thing we have an analyst telling the world that. And Oracle will soon be at $23? I would neve have guessed that, given that they are currently at about $20, the market is pointing upward, and there is a good chance that the market will see the completion of the aquisition some time in the summer as something positive.

I think that I should consider a second career as software industry analyst: Money for nothing and the chicks for free…

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