Balisage 2009: Introducing hData

For this year’s Balisage in Montreal, we (R. Dingwell, A. Gregorowicz, H. Sleeper, and myself) have been accepted as a late-breaking proposal for our work on hData, which addresses some problems that are currently plaguing electronic health records. Our session is scheduled on Thursday at 11:00am. This is the abstract:

Title: hData – A Simplified Approach to Health Data

Interoperability issues have limited the expected benefits of Electronic Health
Record (EHR) systems. Ideally, the medical history of a patient is recorded in
a set of digital continuity of care documents which are securely available to
the patient and their care providers on demand. The history of continuity of
care standards includes multiple standards organizations, differing goals, and
ongoing efforts to reconcile the various specifications. Existing standards
define a format that is too complex for exchanging continuity of care
information effectively. We propose hData, a simplified XML framework to describe
health information. hData addresses the challenges of the current HL7
Continuity of Care Document format and is explicitly designed for extensibility
to address health information exchange needs, in general. hData applies
established best practices for XML document architectures to the vertical
health domain, which has experienced significant XML-based interoperability

As you might imagine, we will have to say a few things about identity, access, and privacy management for electronic health records, as well. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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