hData specifications and a first glimpse at the security architecture

Today, we released the hData technical specifications: hData Record Format and hData Packaging and Network Transport. This is the mail that went out to the mailing lists:

Today we are releasing the first public version of the hData
specification for the record format and the packaging and network transport
(REST API). They are available here:


We will be making some changes to the documents in the next
few days to add a simple meta data model and streamline certain elements. Once
this is complete, we are planning on moving the specification to a wiki and
open up the process of editing. Until this is done, we would like to ask you
sending your comments to hdata-general@googlegroups.com

At this time we are also exploring how the hData
specifications can be licensed in an open source friendly way. Possible options
include an OASIS style non-assertion covenant – please contact us if you have

So far, this covers the core data and exchange architecture, but we have started to work on a RESTful security architecture, as well. The scenario we are trying to solve is outline in a recent presentation at NIST’s IT Security Automation Conference. In support of this I have come up with a meta data schema, which I will put into the v0.8 version of the hData Record Format specification. Hopefully, I can upload that new version some time next week.

We are very much looking for comments and suggestions. 


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