Emdeon and MITRE go public on hData

Last night, Emdeon and MITRE went public with our collaboration on hData. This as been in the works for quite a while, and I am very glad that we were able to get as far as we have come. The work with Emdeon has been great so far, and the team has learned quite a bit about operational aspects that we were able to use in the future design of the product. Here are some quotes form the press release:

“In the era of meaningful use, the electronic exchange of clinical data
will be essential. Because providers use disparate healthcare
information technology solutions, an easy method of mapping and
exchanging clinical data between and among systems is required. hData
provides a way for the industry to map clinical data from any electronic
health record (EHR) system and creates interoperability,” said Miriam Paramore, senior vice president of clinical and government services for Emdeon.


“As the industry strives for simple, direct, secure and scalable
transportation of health information over the Internet and between known
participants in support of meaningful use, hData lowers the barrier to
healthcare IT integration by focusing on ease of implementation,” said Joy Keeler,
healthcare IT program manager at MITRE. “Our work with Emdeon lays the
foundation for more efficient healthcare information exchange, and
further analysis of the pilot will provide us with important insights on
reference implementation and standards in the months to come.”

Health Data Management is also running a short story here. Meanwhile, here are the final ITS-WG specs:

hData Record Format-v15.pdf (394.38 KB)

hData RESTful API Specification-v13.pdf (243.27 KB)

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