Today’s Keynote Messages

Today’s notes on the keynote:

Eric Rudder – Tools & Servers

  • Final RC for VS by the end of this week, final release by November

    • Announcement: Windows Workflow Foundation
    • Announcement: Microsoft Expression Acrylic (Graphic), Sparkle (Interactive), Quartz (Web)
    • Announcement: Visual Studio Tools for Applications – will replace VBA

  • WWF Demonstration

    • Core to Windows
    • Same engine also in SharePoint, Office

  • Expression Product Line

    • Acrylic to Design Vector and Bitmap Graphics
    • Quartz for easy advanced web design
    • Sparkle for XAML Visual editing

      • fully integrated into VS2005, so advanced XAML forms can be defined in VS, beautified in Sparkle and re-imported into VS

  • VSTA Demo

    • AutoCad 2006 Demo

  • XAML as a universal 3D format

    • UGS showed that XAML can be used as a universal 3D format, since the viewer is available on every WPF desktop

  • All attendees will receive a free version of SQL Server 2005 when it ships – this is the same deal as in on TechEd. Apparently Microsoft is *really * interested in people upgrasding to SQL Server 2005.

Steven Sinofsky – Office

All attendees will get Office “12” Beta 1: 

Strong emphasis on Enterprise Content & Document Lifecycle Management

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