David Chapell on NetFX and Java

David Chappell made some interesting remarks on Java and NetFX during his TechEd session and on his blog. He compares the creation of SCA by IBM, BEA and some others to the creation of the .NET Framework in 2000.

I would put this somewhat differently: .NET in 2000 was a (somewhat late) reaction to the success of the Java platform. As .NET evolved, itwent – essentially – through the same issues as Java: 1.0 was essentially unusuable, 1.1 kinda worked, and 2.0 (or 1.2 in Java) is/was the first truely usable platform. In this sense, SCA is comparable to the announcement of the Longhorn pillars, at best.

In his TechEd session this morning, David was trying to compare SCA with WCF. He noted that while WCF is in its final beta stages, SCA is just starting with the definition. This is certainly true. However, there are other simplifying APIs (such as EJB3, JBI/OpenESB, WSIT) that have a similar architectural scope as WCF and are in final beta as well. I strongly recommend reading the comment section of David’s blog article as well, since it contains a lot of interesting pointers.

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