Some nice DHTML/Javascript components

Since I was recently going through my inventory of Javascript components to update a web site, I decided to link a few of the nicer ones here. They are not as integrated as the GWT or Microsoft Atlas, but – at times – still quite useful:

Tigra Menu

This is a nice, easy to configure JavaScript menu bar that works quite well across different browsers (with the notable exception of using absolute positioning, so IE and FireFox will *always* require some different handling).

There are a few more components ot SoftComplex – check also their ‘Tigra Hints‘, ‘Tigra Tree Menu‘, and some more of their components.

The basic edition is free – they have PRO components for money.


This is a small validation library, that comes under LGPL.

Xin Calendar 2

Really nice JS calendar that is free, as long as you keep a link to from your web site. REALLY nice and extremely configurable.

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