dasBlog Update to 1.9

Well, I finally bit the bullet and decided to update my production blog engine to the latest build. This will be a new adventure, since I am now really on some ‘terra incognita’: I am running on a beta platform, with unchecked code. Cool.

Part of this experience was to migrate away from CVS (at least for this project) to SVN. One of the reasons I was hangin on to CVS was the wonderful Tortoise CVS gui that makes versionb control usable even for people who do not love command lines of at least 120 chracters. Realizing that there is now a Tortoise client for SVN as well (here), the move was easy.

The next ‘challenge’ was to migrate my blog from a .NET 1.1 platform to 2.0 (since I definitively prefer VS.NET 2005 over the older versions, and also like some of the performance improvements in 2.0). Again, this was reasonably painless (almost like Java ™ ;-)).

So now here I present dasBlog 1.9 on ASP.NET 2.0. Hope it does not break.

BTW: Many thanks to the entire dasBlog developer team! Great job.

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