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Here is a suggestion for the dasBlog folks:

After our corporate blog host (http://blogs.sun.com/) was upgraded to Roller 3.0 (which – by the way – has a couple of really nice improvements), my cross-poring would no longer work. Since this is quite annoying is went to figure out why this is so. It turns out that the Roller folks (at least at Sun) were thinking ahead and made sure that all calls the XMLRPC endpoints get redirected to a protected HTTPS handler. Makes sense.

Unfortunately, this break the posting mechanism for dasBlog, as well as a lot of other blog clients out there. While the Roller admins are now fixing this, I came up with a small idea how to get dasBlog to post to HTTPS endpoints as well. Since it uses the Cook Computing XML-RPC library, this fix is actually very straight forward:

You will need to fix just a very few items:

  • The CrosspostSite class in the newtelligence.dasBlog.Runtime namespace. Here you should add a propety like String transportProtocoll = “http” or similar. Also the schema for the siteConfig file file to accomodate this additional attribute.
  • The UI to allow proper configuration (duh!).
  • The HandleCrosspost() method in newtelligence.dasBlog.Runtime.DasBlogDataServiceGFactory.BlogDataServiceXml.CrosspostJob. This UriBuilder should be reconfigured to something like:

    UriBuilder uriBuilder = new UriBuilder

And this should be it.

Obviously, for the long run I would love to see an ATOM protocol based mechanism, but so far this is a dream (I guess?!). Here is the URL for the Bug I submitted on SF.NET.

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