Thanks to Pat, I caught the five-things-bug as well…

So here are the five things that most folks probably do not know about me:

  1. I attended a Jesuit border school in Bonn from grade 9 through 11. The only reason for getting away from there was that I was kicked out after partying too much …

  2. In order to make some money during my university years, a friend and I started a boot camp for high school students, to prepare them for their final exams (Abitur). After the first few years this became a big event, and Uwe is now making a living of it. He is mz son’s godfather.

  3. There is a story behind my given name “Gerald”: My parents had differing opinions about how I should be called, so “Gerald” (my father’s name) was the compromise. He got that name, because my grandmother really liked the movie “Gone with the Wind” and named her son after Gerald O’Hara.

  4. I am really a Linux guy by heart. I converted my PC (a 486) to SLS at kernel revision 0.99.15 in 1992. Seems like a few lifetimes back …

  5. My favorite beer is Mühlen Kölsch.

And now the pleasant part: Robin, Dale, Hubert, Clemens, Marc – you’re it!

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