Flying pigs over Redmond

This is seriously groundbreaking: Clemens (also here) just finished an example of a Metro client accessing Microsoft’s BizTalk Services (aka Internet Service Bus). “Well”, you might ask, “what is so groundbreaking about this? Isn’t this what this whole web services thingy was supposed to achieve? Interoperability?!”

Yes, indeed. However, this is the first time ever (to my knowledge) that Microsoft is releasing JEE code, built with Metro within NetBeans, as part of an SDK. Getting there took quite a while, and was largely enabled by Sun and Microsoft working very closely together in a series of interop-plugfests. The latest installment of these got (especially) WS-Trust interoperability to a point where you can now use the client implementation in Metro to access the STS provided by the .NET Framework.

Congrats to Clemens, but also the Metro team (namely Jiandong and Harold).

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