*-BAC … access control

IBAC, RBAC, ABAC … a lot of folks in identity land are currently investigating authorization models with a little more scrutiny. Mark Dixon has a nice piece up on his blog, covering some of the current trends in the commercial sector.

I would like to make interested folks aware of an extension to the existing approaches to access control, that take it beyond ta simple binary decision: in the Risk Adaptive Access Control (RAdAC) model, the authorization decision is not simply based on pre-defined mandatory and discretionary rules, but instead includes environmental policies such as Security Risk and Operational Need. As such, the authorization decision depends not only on traditional factors such as resource meta data, access control policy, or user attributes, but also factors such as access decision histoy, IT computing platform trustworthiness, or general situational awareness.

RAdAC is not a technology, but instead a more uncconvetional model for making an authorization decision. It will be interesting to see how a model like this can actually be implemented.

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