hData Specifications Standardization Update

hData has had two quite successful weeks:

  • Last week, the HL7 hData Record Format version 1 successfully passed DSTU (Draft Standard for Trial Use) ballot. This is a major step towards broad adoption of hData as an international standard. In addition, the HL7 Pharmacy WG decided to start working on a joint project with the SOA WG to create an hData Content Profile for medication history, as a building block for a future ordering service. With the expected increased expectation for adoption, the creation of a project to move hData to a normative standard is now realistic.
  • Today, the OMG TC voted to issue the hData REST Binding for RLUS RFC for the mandatory 60 day comment period. It is expected that the OMG will adopt this RFC as an alpha standard at the December TC meeting, and form a Finalization Task Force to move this specification to a formal standard.

This makes hData one of the first standard service frameworks for clinical services that fully supports a RESTful architectural approach. Since there are a number of other approaches currently looking into using basic HTTP services to exchange clinical information (as well as a much broader move to better integrate REST services into an enterprise architecture approach), hData can help creating the necessary underlying foundation for this fabric.

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