Review of the week at HL7

[singlepic id=2 w=320 h=240 float=right] This week was my first as SOA Working Group co-chair, and interesting it was:

  • hData was confirmed to be published as a DSTU with the¬†reconciliation¬†package posted and the specification out. This really wraps up the first stage of standardization with OMG and HL7 now having the respective specifications in early adopters mode. The next step will now be to move ahead, try them out, and fix all remaining kinks.
  • With hData, FHIR (aka RFH), and CIMI pushing further into the direction of exchanging simplified partial model graphs, it becomes really important to fully understand and advertise the implications of services in healthcare. While documents and messages have their established place in the world of health IT, services can enable a much more fine-grained level of access to clinical information.
  • In such a service context, more granular access restrictions on individual data elements or partial graphs can be realized through element or paragraph-level tagging of data. The tags can describe an elements level of sensitivity or establish special information compartment e.g. for Title 38 categories.
  • CTS2, the Cross Paradigm Interoperability Implementation Guide for Immunizations (CPIIGI – or ‘cross piggy’), and of course FHIR ¬†also had a pretty successful showing at the meeting.

Next steps are to create the ballot material for the Medication Statement Service, likely using the RMIM for Medication Statements and perhaps even the Medication Administration as payload. Furthermore, Grahame and I are scheduled to meet in mid-February to discuss how FHIR can create hData Content Profiles for FHIR resources, harmonizing these two approaches. Furthermore, I will work with John to discuss how the emerging IHE for mobile activities integrate with hData. And last, but certainly not least, I will hopefully get the chance to work with Mike on Data tagging for Health IT. This activity would be really great, since it would tie a number of different projects I am working on together.

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